Jun. 8th, 2010

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So originally compiled for [livejournal.com profile] clocketpatch  , an essential reading/listening list for Brax.  I'm trying to keep track of his regenerations, too.  This list is more from Brax's point of view.  (Reposted from my other journal, since it might be of interest over here.)

1.)  Empire of Glass  Not the first novel with him, but it's free.  (Brax 1.0)

2.)  the Gallifrey audios.  You get some pretty important backstory for him, namely why he left Gallifrey and why he's the way he is in the later Benny audios.  They're well worth a listen, and avoid spoilers for them, if you can.

3.)  Dragon's Wrath.  This is Brax's first meeting with Benny.  (She's been friends with him for awhile.)  (post-Gallifrey Brax)

4.)  Tears of the Oracle:  You get some pretty big canon stuff on p. 167-169.  Also, it's the establishment of the Braxiatel Collection.  http://fic-of-fork.livejournal.com/13312.html there's the relevant scene from that book, but it's all good.

5.)  Theatre of War.  This is where Benny first meets Brax.  Note that he's already met her on Dellah. (Post-Tears of the Oracle Brax.)

Confused yet?  The Brax who comes to Benny's wedding is the post-Dragon's Wrath, post-Tears of the Oracle Brax.  It doesn't help that Brax keeps the same body when he regenerates.

Here's a list of his regenerations that I'm aware of:

    * Empire of Glass Brax.  (Pictures look much different than his Benny ones...assuming it's his first body.)
    * Gallifrey Brax (meaning he regenerated sometime between Empire of Glass and the first Gallifrey audio.)
    * (he starts keeping the same body) Tears of the Oracle - Life During Wartime (some "facial surgery" was mentioned in Tears of the Oracle--they can't mention certain things in the NA or Big Finish books because of licensing.)
    * Life During Wartime - "present"  (Regeneration necessitated by the Fifth Axis.)

6.) Mirror Effect.  First audio where you get an inkling that all's not right with Brax.

7.)  Life During Wartime  (Book of short stories...tells what happens between Mirror Effect and Death and the Daleks)

8.)  Death and the Daleks  End of the Fifth Axis story line.

9.)  A Life Worth Living (again, more story set up for the later audios.)

10.)  Something Changed You learn who Doggles is, for one.  (And it's a good set of stories.)

11.)  Parallel Lives The rest of Clarissa Jones's story...important for Season 8, although it's barely mentioned in the audios.

12.)  Crystal of Cantus (Audio, Brax leaves the collection, lot of important plot bits.)

12.)  7.6-all of season 8 of the Benny audios (so Empire State, then Season 8.)

Other important things to know about Brax:  the Collection is not organized by period, dynasty, or even time period.  He's a good actor (but tends towards melodrama according to the Doctor).   He can whup Benny's ass at table tennis.  He was horn-dogging it for a blonde cellist named Renee in some of the Dellah books.  He's got a Type 80 TARDIS, and he's a Prydonian.  He really doesn't like playing the hero (and makes a snotty comment about how he hadn't studied swordplay with the captain of Cleopatra's guard.)  Of course that could be sibling rivalry...


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